If dentists recommend 2 minutes how can Y-brush clean teeth in 10 seconds?

Our innovation is based on a simple observation: a standard toothbrush head can only brush one area of the tooth at once which means brushing your teeth takes time. Since Y-Brush brushes all of your teeth simultaneously, then the whole tooth brushing process only takes 10 seconds, 5 seconds for your top teeth and 5 seconds for your bottom teeth: which is 4 times more than a regular toothbrush and more effective to thoroughly and effectively brush your teeth.

Why do you use nylon bristles rather than silicone strips?

With over 3 years of research and development behind Y-Brush, we have found that traditional nylon bristles are the most effective at removing plaque and cleaning your teeth. Also, the fibers we use are a lot thinner than silicone bristles, this allows them to reach and clean between teeth. Plus, adding the sonic vibration to Nylon bristles will ensure you that you are brushing your teeth efficiently.

Why did you make a single sided mouthpiece rather than a double sided mouthpiece?

Y-Brush is a single sided mouthpiece to ensure your comfort. Our testing found that double sided tooth brushing device run large and are complicated to fit into someone’s mouth, especially for 10 whole seconds. We made sure that when speeding up your brushing routine, that it would still be a comfortable experience.

How can your device work if we all have differently shaped and sized jaws?

We have 4 different sized mouthpieces to accommodate different sized mouths to fit children, teenagers and adults (2 adult sizes, 1 intermediary and 1 for children). Also, we decided to make Y-Brush a single-sided mouthpiece to make it more comfortable and natural for your enjoyment!

How can we choose the right size mouthpiece?

The Y-Brush team will help you to easily figure out what size mouthpiece is best for you! A simple way to determine which size is best adapted to the user’s jaw is to measure the distance between two opposite teeth, it can easily be done in front of the mirror. We will be collecting your sizes just before we send the products out to you.

Will this work for my children?

Yes, Y-Brush is a great choice for kids aged 4 to 12 and teenagers. We are releasing a child-sized mouthpiece made for smaller jaws, as well as a smaller adult mouthpieces that can work for growing mouths as well.

What color options are available?

Currently the mouthpiece that we offer is Y-Brush’s signature green. Other color options may be available in the future!

Do I need to purchase a specific toothpaste or can I use my own?

With Y-Brush you can use your favorite toothpaste, no matter the brand or consistency. Your Y-Brush will come with a specially design applicator that fits on regular toothpaste containers and that allows the user to use the optimal amount of toothpaste with no waste.

Where do I put my Y-Brush when I am not using it?

A dock has been designed to hold the mouth-pieces when they are not in use. Dock extensions will be made available so that the whole family can have a place for their mouthpieces!

How do I clean my Y-Brush?

We kept it simple. Rinse your mouthpiece after every use like you would your normal toothbrush. Users can lightly stretch the mouthpiece also to rinse in between the bristles when needed.

How soft are the bristles?

The bristles are as soft as a regular toothbrush with soft bristles. We rounded the ends of the bristles for added comfort, this way, they aren’t too hard on your teeth or gums.

How often should the Y-Brush mouthpiece be replaced?

The mouthpiece should be replaced every 6 months. Replacement mouthpieces can be added on to your campaign pledge or you can purchase them at www.y-brush.com after the campaign.

How is the handle charged?

The Y-Brush handle can be recharged through a wireless connection between the device and the charging station (an induction charging system).

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The battery takes 8 hours to charge fully.

How long does the battery last?

When fully charged, the battery can last up to a month.

This is Y-Brush the same as Ama*

Y-Brush is different, our is lined with fine Nylon bristles, which are more proven to be more efficient than silicone strips! Y-Brush mouthpiece is also single-sided, which is a lot more comfortable, and won't provoke gag-reflexes.

Y-Brush has been in the making for many years, the team just decided to advertise ours once the product was finished.

Will I still need to floss?

Y-Brush was designed to replace the toothbrush, in order for you to save some time in your dental health routine. With this in mind, you'll still need to floss and visit the dentist on a regular basis, as recommended by dentists.